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1. Nicos Capital is an investment fund, not a Forex broker. Therefore, your investment is part of the Investment Fund, not an individual trading account.
2. You can withdraw money at any time. Withdrawal orders will be completed within 24 hours.
3. All profits from investment will be added to "Profit Wallet". NIC will enjoy the profit distribution ratio of 8:2 (you 80% and NIC 20%). For example, if profit is 10.000$ then you will receive 8.000$ and NIC will receive 2.000$.
4. At 0h00 (GMT +3), NIC will record your daily investment. At 23h00 (GMT+3), NIC will update your daily investment outcomes.

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Roadmap of


- 04/2019: Being CySEC licensed to operate in the financial and securities sectors. Successful link insurance with Block Corporation. Investment from previous registered businesses is 50 million USD.
- 05/2019: Expected to launch online trading website to allow everyone to participate in investment. The amount of money invested by each individual is limited to the 500$ - 200.000$ range. The interest rate of 15% per member per month is withdrawn at any time. Investment fund reaches 100 million USD.
- 08/2019: Link with The Bank in Republic of Cyprus, own electronic money issuance to apply in both Investment and associated banks. Investment fund reaches 500 million USD.
- 12/2019: Link with Cooperative Central Bank. Issuing Mastercard payment card based on investment returns. Investment fund reaches 2 billion USD.


First, register an account on our website. Then an email with the activation link will be sent to the registration mailbox. Please click on the link in the email to activate your account.


After successful registration, you can deposit money into NIC for investment. The minimum amount to invest is $ 500. Your account will be activated for investment at 1:00 (GMT + 3) the next day. .


You can withdraw your interest at any time as long as the minimum payment is $100. The original money will be refunded after 180 days. NIC will process and complete the withdrawal order within 24 hours.

Advantages of NIC

Available in more than 40 countries with 50,000 investors.

Secure transactions

NIC uses the safest trading method available today. Transaction amount is only 3%/day.

Quick withdrawal

Withdraw money from Balance at any time. The withdrawal order will be processed and completed in 24hour.

100% original insurance

NIC always preserves your original. You can withdraw the original money after 180 days to reinvest.

CySEC certificate

NIC is the only investment organization in The Cyprus certified by CySEC.

Block Corporation

NIC links with Block Corporation to ensure a minimum interest rate of 3.6% per month for investors.

Online support

NIC uses Telegram to support online customers. If you have any questions or chat directly with us.


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